(Kearby) What is cynophobia?
(Ubermessiah) A fear of cynicism? I dunno.
(Ubermessiah) Oh.
(Ubermessiah) A fear of dogs.
(Ubermessiah) Haha. I was off.
(Kearby) HAHA.


(Untouchable) AAARGH.
(Kearby) ...
(Kearby) I'm not.
(Untouchable) That's why I love you the most.
* Kearby smiles.
(Kearby) I know why death rate is high.
(Kearby) And birth rate.
(Kearby) Because when babies are born, they need a soul, and it sucks the soul out of some random person.
(Kearby) So when people make babies, more people die.
(Kearby) HEHEHA!
(Untouchable) YAAARGH.
ARGH. This layout for my UPCOMING WEBSITE is about 200 layers+ in photoshop so far. IT'S INSANITY.


Hmm. Well, I'm in google now, apparently. I'm not safe anymore. Who put "UrsusTheHorrible" into google? That's my AIM screen name. I didn't do it. I got really strange things. Like "Trinidad & Tobago sluts" and "Triumph the insult comic dog" and a few Jhonen Vasquez references.

I'm going to try a google experiment.

I wonder how many XXX GIRLS SLUTS visit my website, maybe looking for HENTAI XXX or YAOI. I prefer SHOUNEN AI myself. TENTACLE PORN is stupid. I know a lot of people like CARTOON PORN for some reason. Filthy people. Filthy, filthy, NAUGHTY people. You should all be ashamed. Talking like this hurts, you know. It's really painful. My brain is mush.

Now, for some other crowds.

I love JTHM -- but the movie SE7EN was really gross, as I've been told. Maybe JHONEN VASQUEZ is a fan? Did you know EDWARD GOREY did the animated introduction to the PBS show MYSTERY!? Or that NEIL GAIMAN of SANDMAN did the english translation for PRINCESS MONONOKE? Yesterday, a friend of my father's came over my house. He frightened me with his long hair -- but he said he's going to let me borrow his AKIRA video and a few other ANIME or JAPANIMATION things. DAN VADO of SLAVE LABOR was on-line today! Neat, huh? STAR WARS isn't supposed to be such a LOVE STORY. I love M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN MOVIES and DANNY ELFMAN is a musical genius.The X-FILES really creeps me out -- ever since it premiered when I was around six, I've been too scared to watch it. The intro scares me to this date -- did you know SEXY FOX MULDER is from MASSACHUSETTS? NEAT, HUH?!

Uh. Let me think of more popular searches. Hmm. Nope. I'm distracted right now. I'm watching Mystery! -- Murder Rooms on PBS. It's really neat! Fourteen year old hormones deny my undying love for DOYLE. MMYEUP.

Yesterday I told my mother I was an alien.