(Ariakas) Homeless people rule.
(Stranger) They're really aliens, you know.
(Stranger) But I'm protected.
* Stranger taps her homemade Anti-ET helmet made of foil.
(Stranger) I'm just gunna keep changing the name of it until I find one that suits.
(Stranger) It should sound technical. It should have a silly acronym.
(Ariakas) Not-So-Holy-But-Not-So-Unholy-Either-Helmet-Of-Anti-Alien-Protection?
(Stranger) Alien Security Superhelmet. ASS.
(Stranger) People would ask what it is..
(Stranger) I'd point to it and say, "Oh, this? It's my ASS."


I know no one reads this.

Well, I got a haircut today. I look a lot different, I suppose. My hair used to be down to my bum, now it's just above my shoulders. Don't worry -- the hair is going to a better place; "Locks of Love" cancer-kid wig-making foundation. My hair is going to be made into a wig for hairless child. Idn't that neat? I'm so humanitarian.

I'm not particularly fond of the haircut. It is very girly. As girly as girly can get, I'm afraid to say. Very not me. It's not my fault, actually, I wanted something different, and my hair wouldn't stay put -- but my mother likes it, at least. To give you an idea -- well, basically, it's pretty flat on the top of my head until you reach my ears. Around my ears, it starts doing a flip. It flips outward -- I think the whole base of the hair does the flip. It is excruciatingly feminime and it won't stop flipping. It's down to around the top of my shoulders, so it isn't too short -- if it was a little shorter it might have looked neat. I'm keeping it up for now; it looks less feminime.

If you live along one of the train lines in Boston, look out for me and my new 'do. My mother promised she'd take me to Boston just for the sake of wandering around a big city aimlessly. We live about fourty-five minutes or so away, but we're taking the train anyway. My mom wants to take me to Blue Man Group at the Charles Play House. She said we'd have to walk through the "Combat Zone" to reach it -- where the prostitutes hang out at night. I don't think we're going to go there, though. We're probably just going to visit stores.

So if you happen to read this and live in Boston, look for a small tanned girl and a large tanned woman with a camera taking random pictures of random things. I might wear my rock music shirt. I don't think so, though. I think I'll bring Spooky along with my CD player --- and mace, for, you know. Just in case.