It's you that I adore, you'll always be my whore.

I'm getting braces; yay for pain. I need to learn hardcore HTML, grrr. Grr.

I made a funky thing here, though. Wait about thirty seconds. It's a neat script.

I need a domain. A friend of mine just got one, someone gave it to her for designing a website. I wonder what she's going to do with it.

Uninteresting fact: I've never worn an Abercrombie & Fitch shirt in my life. Don't plan on starting, either.


+22:00:40+ (Esoris) You shall not see it.
+22:01:17+ (Gnat) You dare defy me?
+22:01:38+ (Esoris) I guess.
+22:01:58+ (Gnat) Oh. Okay.

I'm going to see Lilo and Stitch tomorrow with my grandmother and my drone cousin. She is a drone because she follows me around like some little lost kitten-cyborg that has some sort of magnetic attraction to my pace-maker. It reminds me of the time Satan took over my computer, only difference is that there is no such thing as a kitten-cyborg. I told my mother, "Satan's in my computer, you know." "Uh-huh." "He says hi."

I apologize for the irrelevance, stupidity, and randomness of everything I speak of, for I have been watching Invader Zim non-stop for the last few hours. It has a horrible effect on my spleen.