Clothing. Okay. Clothing; great to wear, great to buy, great to flaunt. And I could really care less. Apparently, to be part of a subculture, you've got to dress in the stereotypical style or people won't know how to classify you. I personally am not a spikey-necklace/bracelet, black make-up, huge baggy pants, dyed hair punk kind of person -- though sometimes I think it'd be fun to do that. I know that if I ever broke my mold of no-classification in a dramatic way then I'd probably recieve mockery. I occasionally wear things out of my norm, such as my famous "rock music" shirt you all know and love (yes, you, my dedicated fans.) People are actually quite shocked when they realize I like rock music -- I guess I give off an aura of "pop music shy girl who draws and is generally nice to mankind" -- yeah, that's my aura right there. I'm not that noticable in a crowd; I look quite average. I'd show you a picture of myself, but why spoil my air of mystery?

But back to clothing. I wear whatever I can find in the morning. I don't have time to match things and I am too lazy to prepare clothes the previous night -- my only exception being for formal or important events. Occasionally, I wear matchups that I found to be quite me, but those are rare. My mother says I dress like a hippy. I really don't think so, no. My father was a pot-addict-woodstock-hippy anyway, but it's not like that's relevant.

At my old school, I had a friend who didn't know what fashion was. Well, she was aware of it, of course, she just never seemed to care about it. She wore whatever she wanted and didn't care -- and she wasn't even that attractive (don't tell her I said that). Her usual wardrobe was a large sweatshirt over some sweatpants or plain jeans -- 80's style, and not the cool styles you see on that 80's show either. Once, she wore a pair of bright pink sweat pants with a yellow mickey mouse sweatshirt. I was compelled to let her at least borrow my clothes, but I never told her anything about it -- mainly because I used to dress like that (in elementary school.) Nevertheless, her clothing was not part of her personality; it was admirable. Her extremely cool, agreeable, yet sarcastic personality cancelled out her lack of style; she was pretty much the smartest girl in the school, always a main part in all the school plays, usually very helpful, very outgoing, into pop music (as much as I hate it), and never showed any flaw -- never. You could say she was one of the most popular girls in the school (where popularity was treasured .. believe me, this school was horrible, she should have been at some private school or something.)

Though I hate to mention it, I feel I must; she was jealous of me and my drawings. She was also very well known in the school for her art skills. This was a thing I hated about her -- she constantly showed off all her achievements, including artwork. I drew too, but I never really went around saying "would you like to see a picture I drew?" like she did -- but people usually asked to see art rather than her ask them. Her popularity aided in her artistic greatness, while I was just known as a quiet friend of hers. However, she admitted to me several times that she'll always hate how I drew better than her -- she once even said, "you're ruining my reputation!" but in a very smileful and harmless way. I even introduced this girl to anime -- and influenced her show much that she started drawing anime style. This however went without any credit to me -- one occurance proved this; I was drawing in an anime-like style at lunch one day, sitting with the girl. A boy from a table nearby comes over to say hello and sees my drawing. "Hey, you're copying the way Susan's drawing!" Susan told me immediately, "No, she started drawing that way on her own.. " thought I don't remember her saying something about my own personal influence on her. Oh well, she's gone from my life anyway.

How this entry turned from clothing to a biography of an old friend, I'll never know.

What's worse, superbad or subculture?

This is a great quiz. It's unquestionably accurate.


+21:36:16+ (Gnat) www.wigu.com
+21:37:18+ (Esoris) WHOAH, a flying weenie!
+21:37:32+ (Gnat) It is made of poison.
+21:37:49+ (Esoris) Cool.
+21:39:23+ (Gnat) It's a cute comic.
+21:39:26+ (Gnat) Read from beginning.
+21:39:38+ (Esoris) Too lazy.
+21:39:43+ (Gnat) Okay.
+21:39:44+ (Esoris) If mad, kill me.
+21:39:57+ (Gnat) I am not angered by your magical slacking powers.
+21:40:09+ (Gnat) For I too bear this gift, this gift of laziness.
+21:40:22+ (Gnat) Fear me as I sit on my ass and eat twinkies.
+21:40:32+ * `Sylph` blinks.
+21:40:40+ (Esoris) BLINKING!
+21:41:00+ * Esoris just shouts that for lack of thinking.
+21:41:04+ (Gnat) An unconscious function of the human body, along with breathing. Thinking is merely optional.
+21:41:43+ (Gnat) Haha. That made no much sense, on coincidence.
+21:41:55+ (Gnat) Heha. It rhymed, too.
+21:42:13+ (Esoris) Hee.
+21:42:32+ (Gnat) Hmm.
+21:42:41+ (Gnat) Take away the no, I don't know why that's there.
+21:42:57+ (Gnat) It must have been sent by the ESAT.
+21:43:14+ (Esoris) ESAT?
+21:43:38+ (Gnat) You know, the Evil Secret Agency Thing.
+21:44:03+ (Esoris) Oh.
+21:45:23+ (Gnat) They would've put it "Secret Evil Agency Thing" but it the acronym would be "SEAT", which isn't as intimidating as "ESAT." Though it still mentions the word "sat" in it, which ironically is in relationship to "seat."
+21:46:22+ (Gnat) Or something.
I hope that when I grow into an adult, I'm smarter than I am now. I really do.


I'm proud to say that this girl here is a good friend of mine. She lives in California and she went to the famous Weenie Roast. She met a bunch of celebrities. Goddamn, I hate her.


Sometimes, to make myself feel better, I take a look at my current standing in my life; I'm really young. I'm younger than I try to act, try to sound like, try to be. My mother tells me I shouldn't worry so much about everything, that I should have fun and enjoy life now. I'd tell you how old I was but it would only provide stigma about me -- that I'm just an ignorant, arrogant and silly little child. Either that, or you'd be unbelievably impressed by my Zen-like prodigy skills. Ahaha, haha. Doubtful. But, I do give enough information in my 'about' section for you to figure out how old I am. Have fun.

Well, uhm, nevermind. I was going to continue but I seemed to have dislocated my jaw.