I will be posting on Dimblack.com from now on, I'm sure. I am known as "Gnat". The IRC room is irc.centralchat.net, #DIMblack -- I usually use the alias "Isomerizer" (which is a chemical in tobacco and kind of sounds like 'sodomizer molestor'.)

On another small note, I got to take my mother's car out of the driveway for the first time. I'm a natural.



Sleeping to escape reality, but you like it like that.

Highschool starts tomorrow. I think I'll either throw up or pass out during the day. I also get cable tomorrow, which is just a beam of sunlight shining through a world of gloom. I think I might have to sit at lunch alone because I'm not very good at making new friends.

After watching Waking Life, which I cried three times during and twice after, I stayed up all night just thinking. I finally fell asleep around noon today, for an hour. During that one hour, I had four dreams, but the last dream I clearly remember. I was in my old house -- and my memories implied that I hadn't moved yet, and that I never would have to. My brother (he has autism and usually stays at a group home) was home, he was sitting on the couch watching television. I was in the kitchen.

I'd flipped the light switch, on and off, and the light did not dim -- while still in my dream. I looked to the digital clock -- it was distorted, turning green and blue and swirling before my eyes. I whispered to myself, "I'm dreaming..." and I looked to my brother. I then threw myself to the air, and I floated to the ceiling. My brother was flying too. We were flying together. I remember thinking, "I should wake up so I can tell myself I just had a lucid dream." I threw my arms to the air, whispering "Wake up!" and I did. It was very interesting, considering the fact that everything that happened seemed to be out of that movie. For some reason, every time I think about it my eyes begin to sting and water.

I'm scared of highschool. Hold my hand, please.


Read.. This story am big laughs! And it's the truth. Goddamn, the truth. The truth is always funny!

I'm going to watch Amelie now. It's in french! Yay!


You know what, religious zealots REALLY annoy me. Really. Just had to say that.